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Welcome to the most POSITIVE site on the World Wide Web. This site is dedicated to all the creative geniuses among us. You are living your dreams, transforming your lives and making the world a place of harmony and love. Through your creative efforts, abundance is yours and you live the life of your dreams. Please share your dreams, and positive affirmatons. Help change the world one positive thought at a time - send this web page to a friend now.

Positive Affirmations In Real Audio for 28.8 Modems

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Awake To your Potential: Listen Here

God Has A Better Idea: Listen Here

Nine Principles Of Life Enrichment: Listen Here

Positive affirmations are vehicles to help you arrive at a "YES" position in your life. A self help affirmation is a positive declaration. Use inspirational affirmations to affirm the positive qualities about yourself and positive facts about your life. Affirmations have the power to bring about dramatic changes in your life. BELIEVE that affirmations work and affirm your power through self talk.

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